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Minesweeper was a popular arcade game back in the 80's when it was bundled with DOS and later with almost all GUI OSes. Today I want to post my version of the game implemented and programmed in Java.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, don't worry, it isn't that a difficult game to play. 
The interface presents you with a grid of boxes. Some of these boxes conceals a mine, which when clicked will lead to a game over. The other boxes might just be empty or might display a number which equals the number of mines immediately surrounding that box. With a little luck in the beginning several of these boxes may be opened which will make spotting mines pretty easy and quick. Once you've spotted a mine, right-click the box to flag it as a mine. You win the game if you flag all the mines in the grid without flagging any non-mine box in the process. Phew, that was all.

Lucky to get a few empty boxes

Added a flag.
The box to the top left of the flag says '1', so there's
one mine in the surrounding 8 boxes. But 7 of them
are already open, leaving just one closed box. Hence,
this is obviously a mine! Right-click, flag. 
Progressing... A few more mines spotted!
Good progress... But alas, missed it. :(
The levels provided basically change the number of grids to play on, not very innovative here, I know. So, we have,
  • EASY (8x8)
  • MEDIUM (15x15)
  • HARD (24x24)
  • GIGANTIC (32x32)
  • CUSTOM (Didn't implement it yet. Will update as soon as I do.)
So there, go ahead, give it a try. The links to the source code and executable is provided below. Please comment if you've any questions on the code.

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